Members of the Committee

The President: Dr Adrian Curtis 

Prof Adrian Curtis with the Presidential Bible

Retiring President: Prof. Hans Barstad

President Elect: Prof. Paul M. Joyce

Treasurer: Dr Alastair Hunter (

As treasurer of SOTS my primary role is to manage the society’s income, expenditure and reserves. Since our principal source of income is members’ subscriptions, much of my work concerns encouraging subscribers to keep up-to-date. I can provide advice on the best way to pay, depending on whether you have a UK bank account or are paying from outside the UK. It is also my responsibility to review our financial position so that we have sufficient funds to run our various activities, such as two annual meetings in January and July, and the publication of our Book List.

Secretary: Dr David Shepherd (

The Secretary works with the President and others to plan the Society’s academic and business meetings, responds to most official correspondence on behalf of the Society, and receives and processes applications for membership.

Secretary for Honorary Members: Prof. Lester Grabbe (

The Secretary for Honorary Members has the duty of regular correspondence with the Honorary Members so that their activities can be reported on at SOTS meetings.  It is his/her job to be a point of contact for Honorary Members, keep a list of these members and their contact addresses, and collect nominations for new Honorary Members.  S/he makes known to the SOTS membership when there are vacancies for new Honorary Members, brings such nominations to the Committee’s attention, provides relevant information on them, and advises the Committee on the suitability of nominees for election to this category.

Hospitality Secretary: Mr James Patrick (

The Hospitality Secretary is responsible for all practical arrangements relating to the regular winter and summer meetings of the Society, including booking venues, liaising with publishers, budgeting for, creating and processing the booking forms for delegates attending each meeting, and overseeing the functioning of the meetings themselves.  The Hospitality Secretary works most closely with the Secretary and Treasurer, as well as the President for each year.

Membership Secretary: Ms Vivienne Rowett (

The Membership Secretary keeps records of all members’ addresses so that information may be sent to them both by email and by post, as required. Most members are now happy to receive information by email, but hard copies of the Bulletin and other communications can be sent if requested. Twice yearly, a statistical report is prepared on the basis of the information kept.

Book List Editor: Dr John Jarick (

As Book List Editor, I oversee production of the SOTS Book List, which consists of several hundred short reviews of new and recent books in the fields of Old Testament /Hebrew Bible, the ancient Near East, and ancient Judaism. It is produced annually and is sent free of charge to all paid-up SOTS members. It also appears as issue 5 of Journal for the Study of the Old Testament.  The Book List editor’s job is to liaise with publishers to acquire review copies of relevant books, distribute the copies to SOTS members for review, edit the resultant reviews and collate them into a typescript for the publisher (Sage), and proof-read the end result before publication.

Information Officer: Dr Jonathan Stökl (

As Information Officer, I mainly help with the Society’s self-presentation to the World (this website), as well as assist with other web-related projects of the Society, such as the SOTS-wiki. I also assist journalists by pointing them to expert members of the Society for advise on questions relating to the Hebrew Bible / Old Testament.

Archivist: Prof. Eryl Davies (

I am responsible for the SOTS archive which is housed in the library of Bangor University. I am responsible for ensuring that any items of interest to the Society that are passed on to me by members (notice of awards, obituaries etc) are placed in the archive, and occasionally I am asked to respond to queries concerning past events relating to the Society which are documented in the archive. Any member of the Society is permitted to visit the archive although it is wise to consult me in advance so that I can make any necessary arrangements.

Ordinary Members: Dr Carly Crouch, Dr Katie Edwards, Dr Sandra Jacobs, Dr Nicolas Wyatt, Dr Rebecca Watson, PD Dr Anselm Hagedorn, Dr William Tooman, Prof Susan Gillingham