Meetings 2000

Previous Year Next Year Winter Meeting 2000 (abstracts) Professor Joseph Blenkinsopp (Notre Dame): ‘The Prophetic Biography of Isaiah’ (Presidential Address) Mr Mark Vincent (Durham): ‘The Call of Isaiah and the Vision of the Seraphim’ Professor John Watts (Louisville, Kentucky): ‘The Structure of the Book of Isaiah as it is seen at the end […]

Meetings 1999

Previous Year Next Year Winter Meeting 1999 (abstracts) At University House, Birmingham from Monday to Wednesday, 4-6 January 1999 Professor Robert Carroll (Glasgow): Beyond Kerygma and Kritik: A future for Hebrew Bible Studies in the Institutions of our Learning? (Presidential Paper) Dr Stefan Reif (Cambridge): Jews, Hebraists and Old Testament […]

Meetings 1998

Previous Year Next Year Winter Meeting 1998 (abstracts) At St Catharine’s College, Cambridge from Monday to Wednesday, 5-7 January 1998. Special theme: Temple and Worship Mrs Margaret Barker (Borrowash): The Veil of the Temple (Presidential Paper) Dr Walter Houston (Manchester): Tragedy in the Courts of the Lord: The death of […]

Meetings 1997

Previous Year Next Year Winter Meeting 1997 (abstracts) At University House, Birmingham, Monday to Wednesday, 6-8 January 1997 Dr Rex Mason (Oxford): H. Wheeler Robinson Revisited (Presidential Paper) Dr Pauline Hodgetts, (Birmingham): In Search of the Judges: Of historica1 craft and crafted history (Short Paper) Professor William Johnstone (Aberdeen): I […]

Meetings 1996

Previous Year Next Year Winter Meeting 1996 Theme: The Hebrew Bible in a Postmodern Age At University House, Birmingham, Wednesday to Friday, 3-5 January 1996 Professor David J. A. Clines (Sheffield): The Pyramid and the Net: Old Testament Studies in a Postmodern Age (Presidential Paper) Professor Catherine Belsey (Cardiff): The […]